Wallachian Heritage

Turnul ChindieiTurnul ChindieiWallachian Heritage is a platform for discussions and debates on how a cluster works with the aim of developing and preserving the cultural heritage of the region based on good practices at European level.


Digital transformation in the context of the current crisis. Strategic objectives of the Danube Engineering Hub and Wallachia Hub

Digital transformation is beginning to become a mandatory requirement for the development of any company. The present conditions of social distance that modify the forms of human interaction for the protection of health, will accelerate the digitization processes. Organizations of all sizes need to adapt quickly to new changes to stay competitive in the market.

The rapid adoption of new technologies within an organization will improve their long-term performance. Digital transformation refers not only to the understanding of technology itself, but also to the fusion between technology and the human factor, respectively of managerial training and the development of new skills for employees in the workplace.

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Combating marginalization and social exclusion in the danube region

Danube Engineering Hub participated at the international conference Combating marginalization and social exclusion in the Danube Region, which took place in Murighiol, Tulcea County in September 23-26, 2019. The event focused on combating poverty and social exclusion and the problem of social economy.

The conference aimed to facilitate the exchange of know-how in the field and to encourage transnational cooperation in the field of social assistance, in order to increase the quality of social services, to prevent and combat marginalization, poverty and social exclusion.

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Transylvanian clusters international conference

In 19 – 20 September 2019, Danube Engineering Hub participated at the 5th annual edition of Transylvanian Clusters International Conference, an event that took place in Cluj and focused on the role of clusters in the development of innovative ecosystems in Romania.

The conference was conducted under the aegis of Clustero Association and Transylvanian clusters, organized as clusters consortium from northern Transylvania. The event enjoyed a large national and international participation being complemented by a matchmaking session between the cluster managers. The conference offered to the practitioners in the field of cluster organization a valuable exchange of ideas, as well as the possibility of having successful contacts for their members.

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