Developing a strategy for internationalization in Indonesia

During 2016-2017, DEH cluster has developed a strategic partnership with authorities and business environments from Indonesia with the support of Indonesian embassy at Bucharest, partnership that has as target the promotion of export offer and internationalization of cluster companies. Within this partnership, several events were organised within the country or in the foreign countries, including a meeting with some specialists from energy field wich took place in Romania.

Indonesia Business Day – Joint Business Support – represents a program support of economic operators who was presented on the 30 May 2016. During this event, 13 Indonesian firms came in order to develop business that include agri-food products, services, inclusive tourism, industrial products, export-import, foreign investisments etc. 30 Romanian firms, presented at the event, have discovered cooperation in bilateral plan, but also the possibility of export and import.

On 8 September 2016 took place the event: ”The untapped potential of the Indonesian market”.

Indonesia is on the way to become the seventh greatest economic power of the world. So, USH Pro Business come to its help with the wish to implement some counseiling programs for firms and the development regarding import-export, but also investments.

On February 27, 2017 a debate took place on ”Participation methods at international auctions on the market of the energy in Indonesia”.

USH Pro Business promoted the development of commercial relations with Indonesia, within the event ”Meet the Markets” on 7 March.

Indonesian embassy at Bucharest with the help of USH Pro Business center visited the headquarters of the largest producer of expanded cereal products, respectively the Pheonixy company, the owner of Gusto brand. The subject was the possibility of cooperation with Indonesian firms. 

Trade Expo Indonesia was another important event organised this time at Jakarta on 12-16 October 2017. The event made possible the meeting of USH Pro Business and the Republic of Indonesia embassy at Bucharest. These 2 institutions have coordinated the presence of 7 Romanian firms, that had as interest the development of business relationships with Indonesian firms. 

On December 7, 2017 DEH cluster has participated at the event: ”Export opportunities in energy section in Indonesia and ASEAN region”.

Indonesia is an Asian country that evolves very fast, with a big demand in electricity field. Indonesian people call Romanian people to support them in achievment of some hydropowers and centrals that use biomass. Also, the renewable energy is wasted.

The potential of investments and trade is amasing, so Indonesia can be in 2030 the seventh in the ranking of the greatest powers of the world.